This year we are focusing on a new area of outreach, working with the elderly in our local communities. We encourage you to reach out to your local care home with love and warmth in a blanket.

As a community we do an amazing job at supporting our own care homes – let us use this skill and show our local communities that we care for them too.

We are offering you the funds to “Hug-a home” by purchasing each resident a fluffy blanket, and each member of staff a gift, which we will pay for.

Our 2021 winter project.

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How it works

We suggest you identify and contact a care home of no more than 30 residents. It needs to be local to your church so that you can create a relationship. Then purchase the blankets & gifts and work together to wrap, write cards and deliver!

Click the links below for a step by step guide and a reimbursement form. You may be rewarded up to a £300 grant for this project. 

Please contact us if you need any advice. 


COG was established in 2017 to help fund, pilot and promote the need for community outreach projects by Christadelphian Churches in the UK.

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We know there are so many brilliant outreach ideas out there, and we want to support you!

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