Grants: Frequently asked questions


How long will I have to wait to hear if my grant application has been accepted?

The team will process it as quickly as possible and you will usually hear within two weeks.

Do I have to spend the money and then reclaim it or will you pay me the grant up front?

We will pay the grant up front if needed.

Should I have rules on the project about taking photos?

For the reports we ask that all photos sent to us have the permission of those having their photo taken.

Do I need a DBS?


Do I need a child protection policy?

No- we ask that you look at our safe guarding policies which are included in the grant application.

Can I have a grant if I don’t have a bank account?

We need an account to transfer the money into. One option is to ask your local ecclesia if you can use their account for your project.

I need help paying a bill will you pay it for me?

It depends what the bill is for so please talk to us and if we can’t help we will direct you to somebody who can.