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Become your church rep

Your potential roles


​• Join the private COG reps Facebook group and the WhatsApp group chat;


• Receive occasional postal copies of publicity materials: Ensure that a copy of posters and newsletters are placed on your ecclesial noticeboard;

• Receive email updates / outreach case studies and forward to all / interested

members of your ecclesia;

• Keep up-to-date with the information on the COG website and blogspot: (maybe check the sites once a month);

• Answer any questions regarding COG from members of your ecclesia (See FAQs on

blogspot, or contact the secretary, Cilla Palmer, if there’s anything you need help with,

her details are below);

• Raise awareness of COG events, projects, appeals and resources by word of mouth,

email, text or social media to those who are interested;

• Ensure that people are aware that grants are available from COG to fund outreach

projects, and that grants can be applied for online:


• Like and share posts on the COG blog, FB Page:

and social media;

• Organise fundraising events (or delegate the organisation) in aid of COG appeals, for

example simple coffee mornings (promotional event materials are available from the


• Organise a COG publicity event at your meeting, contact us and we will send you a publicity pack to use;

• Encourage members of your ecclesia to participate in any pilot projects: e.g. distributing

bags or rucksacks to your local homeless / asylum charities;

• If appropriate, ask for donations to COG appeals to be put on agendas for QBMs;

If appropriate, ask for donations to be put on agendas for QBMs;

• Place a COG money box at the rear of your hall for individual donations - ask the

secretary to post you the money box. Ask your treasurer to check the box on a monthly

basis and forward any monies to the COG treasurer;

• Ensure that a short report +/ photographs of any COG related events are emailed to the


This is not a comprehensive list of duties.

please feel free to suggest aspects of the rôle which you think need to be added.

If you would like to become a COG rep for your church then pop us an email and we'll get in touch ASAP.

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