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Our mission

 To motivate and inspire our UK church community to practise outreach individually and within their church groups. 

Mission & Objectives

We have three main objectives:

Promote & fund

Pilot outreach projects

Raise awareness

Promote and fund outreach projects in local communities and in street work.

Pilot outreach projects so that Christadelphian Churches and church members can participate and grow local capacity and experience.

Raise general awareness of outreach within the UK Christadelphian Community through the provision of a hub of support, advice and ideas.

Your Stories

One of our objectives is to raise awareness in our faith community about outreach. We would like to do this by taking case studies from churches that have experience in running a certain area of outreach and sharing it to inspire others.

Click on one to find out more.

Case Studies

Our latest appeal

Our ongoing 2021/22 winter project 'Hug-a-Home' is focusing on a new area of outreach, working with the elderly in our local communities. We encourage you to reach out to your local care home with love and warmth in a blanket.

Our awareness campaign

In mid 2019, COG launched a monthly awareness campaign to highlight the great outreach work that is happening across the UK. For five months, we sent all UK ecclesias an interesting 'Story' to hopefully encourage and inspire their ecclesia to do the same. Soon, we hope to convert these into a booklet. 

Click on the images below to download, read or print the flyers. 


April 2019-03.png
April 2019-04.png


June 2019-02.png
June 2019-01.png


May 2019-02.png
May 2019-01.png


July 2019-02.png
July 2019-01.png


August 2019-02.png
August 2019-01.png
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